WildThing FAQs

How long is the boat tour?

The WildThing Tour is 1 hour long.

Who gives the boat tour?

A United States Coast Guard Certified Captain and a trained crew member will give the tour.

What are the age limits for the tour?

Although we take all precautions to insure the safety of our passengers, certain requirements have to be met to meet USCG Safety requirements. A child must be able to wear a USCG certified life vest so infants are not allowed on this tour ride. The smallest vest we can accommodate is 3 years old. Anyone who cannot swim on their own are not recommended for this tour ride.

What am I not allowed to bring on the tour?

Coolers are not allowed aboard the 1 hour boat tour. We will provide cold water and Gatorade to any passenger upon request. Large baggage is not allowed aboard. It is recommended you leave your valuables locked in your vehicle trunk. There is limited space aboard WildThing.

What happens if it rains?

A light rain will not prevent us from cruising, but unsafe boating conditions will result in trip cancellation. If a trip is cancelled due to weather or any other concerns, every effort will be made to notify all reservation holders in a timely manner. We will make every effort to re-schedule your tickets to another date, or, if that is not possible, we will refund your purchase.

Are there restrooms available?

There are no restroom facilities aboard WildThing.

Can I bring my dog?

Pets are not allowed aboard.

Can I bring a camera?

You may bring a camera aboard, but please keep in mind that it is at your own risk. Tropical Watercraft is not responsible for the loss of your valuables.

Can we smoke on the boat?

No smoking is allowed on any of our vessels.

Will I get seasick?

Each person is different, and we cannot predict if you will become sea sick or not. Chances of getting seasick are higher if you are prone to motion sickness such as car sick or air sick. When in doubt, take preventative measures!

Will I get wet?

There is always a chance of getting splashed, especially near the front of the boat. Please ask the captain for the best place to stay dry on our tours.

Will there be shade on board?

There is no shade aboard WildThing.

Do I need sunscreen? Can I bring spray sunscreen?

It is highly recommended to wear and bring sunscreen on our tours. We do not allow the spray sunscreen aboard any of our vessels as it can make the surfaces of the boats slippery and dangerous. Cream sunscreens are encouraged aboard.

Do we have to wear life vests?

The state of Florida does not require you to wear life vests, but if you would like to, you may.